Founder & Group CEO

Shirley Crystal Chua



Golden Equator Group


Organisational vision, the future of wealth, the future of work


Shirley Crystal Chua is Founder and Group CEO of Golden Equator, a holding group of businesses creating value with the elements of Capital and Community.

Shirley is known in the industry as a future-focused leader, who is committed to developing solutions for the future while focusing on grooming the next generation of leaders. Through the Group, she builds an innovation ecosystem that fuels meaningful connections, bringing different communities together to amplify opportunities for businesses.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Shirley spent a decade with Citibank and American Express. While growing up as a young adult, Shirley spent seven years working with teenagers and young adults to help them cope with the challenges of their everyday life through counselling programmes.

Outside of work, Shirley has an adorable little munchkin and a passion for cooking and wine appreciation.

Shirley graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences, majoring in Economics and Southeast Asian Studies.

“I’m very pro-next generation. In the work we do, the technology we try to create and the programmes we have it is always about creating better opportunities and better prospects for the future.”